Trish Stratus Praises Total Divas, Talks Test/Albert. RAW, HOF


Trish Stratus appeared on Sunday’s edition of Main Event Radio and discussed her WWE career, Total Divas and more. Check out the highlights:

On transitioning from fitness to pro wrestling: “In fitness you’re training for asthetics to look good and to sculp your body a certain way. In wrestling you’re training to perform. In fitness I was traveling all over the world but in wrestling it was 300 days a year, so it was a little bit of an adjustment. But I loved it, the challenge, taking in new things and taking in a new industry altogether. I’m kind of like a tomboy so a lot of the sports played – varsity hockey and soccer. I was kinda known as the goon on the team so I was used to being rough and able to take it. I used to wrestle with my cousins when I was a kid. When I first started, I had my share of bruises and my moments where I thought this is tougher than I thought but I loved it, embraced it and looked forward to the challenge.”

On working with Test and Albert as “T&A”: “They were awesome. Test, God bless him, was actually a jerk to me. He was pretty mean to me, was giving me tough love at the beginning. He made me prove myself first. Albert was amazing, great friend, and still a great friend. They gave me the opportunity to be by their side. I really got to learn front row. Take it all in, see the reactions, the mannerisms and all these little things that makes a good performance and got to use these things when I got to be on the other side of the ropes.”

On main eventing an episode of Monday Night Raw: “Completely an honor to be able to have that spot. We both arrived and couldn’t believe it; it was like we’re WHAT tonight! We knew this was our chance to prove that the women could hang with the boys. We worked just as hard as they did, the fans embraced it. We came back to big applause from our co-workers which meant a lot. I’m very blessed to have the career I did and have the people that I worked with to support the career I did. It’s not a one-man show. It takes two to tango and it takes even more to put on a wrestling production. I’m just so grateful for all the people I was surrounded with.”

On her WWE Hall of Fame induction: “Just an honor. You’re being recognized by your peers; your colleagues. Going in as the youngest was nice instead of hustling and bustling being an old bird coming up onto the stage. It was nice to be in my prime. And we represented the modern day divas, [Lita] this year and me last. I’m curious to see who they will choose next. A huge honor.”

On Total Divas: “I enjoy the show. I think it’s great. I enjoy watching the drama just like you do. It’s a reality show. We are glued to it to watch things unfold. It’s enough of a glimpse into the wrestling world without too much to give our secrets away so I appreciate that.”

On whether she is pondering an in-ring return: “Every time I have returned it’s been on the basis that the door is never closed. If some awesome opportunity pops up and it sounds fun and challenging and it’s something I haven’t done before. That’s kind of how each thing has happened. I have a great relationship with WWE and we’re always chatting ideas. You never know, retirement is used very loosely in the wrestling world. There are lots of great workers right now. Seeing Brie and Stephanie in there a couple of weeks ago made me kind of excited again. So we’ll see what happens. You know if that Stephanie keeps up her ways there is one woman that I know can put her in her place, just saying…me!”

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