Two Top Indy Promotions Done?, Buff Bagwell Documentary


– House of Glory, which runs in New York City, will feature Rob Van Dam vs The Amazing Red for the first time ever on October 23 in Jamaica, Queens at Club Amazura/NYC Arena. You can find more details here.

– 2CW in New York announced on Facebook that they will run their final events in December and shut down. The promotion is where Luke Harper got his start as Brodie Lee. The news has been covered by local media, including the Watertown Daily Times.

– It seems like FWE may also be done, as they quietly canceled a show in Brooklyn. Jac Sabboth’s Impact Championship Wrestling also shut down, but it has a tendency to come back and shut down again.

– A documentary about Buff Bagwell is in the works. ” The Good, The Bad, The Buff – The Marc Bagwell Story” will be released soon.

Here’s a synopsis: “The life of a professional wrestler may seem like a walk in the park to any outsider who believes “it’s all fake anyway!” However, this exclusive look into the turbulent career of a superstar who lived the “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” mantra is guaranteed to blow all expectations out of the water! Hear the truth behind one of only two men to last the entire tenure at World Championship Wrestling, and learn what exactly went wrong behind the scenes in the company’s dying days. This first-of-its-kind “docu-shoot” (part documentary, part shoot interview) will pull back the curtain on the life of Marc Bagwell. Find out what made him the man he became today, from his impressive 60-1 childhood record as a Golden Glove state champion boxer, to his championship victories on the football field, and numerous victories and championships in the world of professional wrestling. Hear Buff’s story, from growing up in a wealthy Marietta family with enough happening to fill a completely separate release, to being scouted and signed by Dusty Rhodes at the age of 19. Follow his roller-coaster of a journey as one half of the pretty boy American Males tag team, to his stint as a top-draw in the industry as a member of the New World Order, to his short run in WWE and life on the independent wrestling scene thereafter. Find out what led Buff to be on the television series Gigolos, as well as his appearances in other various film and television. The first in what will be a new series of docu-shoot interviews has Buff tell all in regards to the scandals, rumors, lies, and truths that have surrounded his career. He pulls no punches when discussing hot topics like addiction, behind-the-scenes romance, and backstage politics. Plus, listen as he recounts the life-threatening wreck that left him in a coma for five days, as well as the road to recovery that led back to the wrestling ring. From broken necks, to million dollar checks, one thing has stayed constant: He’s Buff, he’s the Stuff, and viewers won’t be able to get enough of The Good, the Bad, and the Buff.”

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