Update – A Fan Attacks Roman Reigns At WWE Live Event


Partial Source: Prowrestling.net

UPDATE: The Story that the front row fan claims is true. The culprit was on one corner of the ring (by the entrance ramp), and my wife and I were about 10 rows back on the adjacent corner. Although we did not have as clear of a view as the front row fan had, it appeared from our perspective that the culprit had no intention of hitting anyone with the briefcase.

He threw it into the ring, and as soon as it struck Roman Reigns, he put his hands to his mouth in a gasping motion. Security was there, and they took him down (a little too hard perhaps, but understandable given the possibilities). As Roman and Bray were in the ring waiting for things to play out, a very loud “kick him out” chant started. I did not hear anyone chanting anything about throwing or using the briefcase, but again, that could have been his section. Just thought I’d add my two cents to the situation, and corroborate the other story.

ORIGINAL: An incident went down at last night’s WWE house show in Victoria, BC last night, in which law enforcement was called after Roman Reigns was hit in the head with a replica Money in the Bank briefcase during his match with Bray Wyatt. According to PWInsider, Reigns was stunned by the blow and took a couple of minutes in the corner to get his senses back to normal while Wyatt stalled the crowd and the fan was handled by the ref and security, getting ejected from the arena.

You can see video of the incident below; Reigns completed the match, which saw him win by virtue of a spear.

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