Update – Chyna Lying About The Triple H Abuse Claims?


The Wrestling Observer has a new report on the latest in the Chyna and Triple H saga. The latest one involves former DX member Sean Waltman, who was also in a relationship with Chyna.

According to sources, Sean Waltman spoke about a similar story Chyna recounted where she claimed that Triple H hit her when the two got into an argument. Triple H released a statement denying her claim that he assaulted her.

According to the report, Waltman later admitted that Triple H pushed Chyna away, but he did not hit her. Waltman reportedly did not want to add further details because he did not want to be wrapped up in a “mudslinging” story with Triple H and Chyna.

In addition, Waltman said the claim Chyna made in her book where she was raped in college was not true. Per Waltman, Chyna later told him the claim was not true. He also denied what Chyna said about him publicly when they were together.

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