Update – Fan Attacks Reigns At WWE Event – Fan Report


Partial Source: Prowrestling.net

UPDATE Bryan sent this one in: I was at the show last night, and it was totally awesome. Everyone in the audience was really getting in to it, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

My group was sitting right next to the guy with the briefcase and his friends. They were total WWE fans. They had all bought the shirts, belts, etc. and all through the night, everyone was interacting with the wrestlers as they came in the entrance. We were right there, front row by their entrance to the ring. They got everyone to sign their stuff through out the night. All the wrestlers were very friendly and it seemed like they were having lots of fun too.

Once the last match started, everyone was standing and briefcase guy was waving it in the air so everyone could see. The crowd in that section started chanting, “Sign the briefcase” over and over. Then it changed to “Throw the briefcase” over and over and over. I think everyone just got caught up in the moment and this guy got overly excited and threw it, hoping to get it signed at some point. But I know he had no intention of hitting anyone.

I realize he shouldn’t have done it. And the security guy was right there, grabbed him. Then others arrived and took him out front. The police arrived but apparently no charges were laid. I know he and his friends are real fans because we were talking to them all night. Just a little bit too much excitement, that’s all.

I just wanted to set the record straight because everything I’ve read so far seems to be from people who weren’t right there and don’t know the whole story. These guys were total fans that unfortunately got too excited. The security acted instantly and appropriately. No disrespect was meant to Roman Reigns or Bray Wyatt.

ORIGINAL: An incident went down at last night’s WWE house show in Victoria, BC last night, in which law enforcement was called after Roman Reigns was hit in the head with a replica Money in the Bank briefcase during his match with Bray Wyatt. According to PWInsider, Reigns was stunned by the blow and took a couple of minutes in the corner to get his senses back to normal while Wyatt stalled the crowd and the fan was handled by the ref and security, getting ejected from the arena.

You can see video of the incident below; Reigns completed the match, which saw him win by virtue of a spear.

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