Update (Fan Report): Jerry Lawler Wrestles At NBA Game


Credit: Ron G. & PWInsider.com

* The first 3,000 fans got a Grizzlies wrestling belt. There were almost 1,000 fans waiting for the doors to open at 5 PM to get a belt.

* The Grizzlies had a ring set up on a stage overlooking the court. They held a match before the game with local independent talents Dustin Starr vs. Inkredible Darius Lee. Lee is also member of the Grizzlies’ “Flying Elvis’ ” dunk team.

* Flair did a segment on the Grizzlies’ Live pre-game show on Fox Sports South. You can watch it at this link.

* Flair and Jerry Lawler each did timeout segments during the game. Lawler’s segment lead to a match at halftime with an OKC Thunder “fan.” The legendary Memphis Wrestling announcing team Dave Brown and Lance Russell did commentary on the match.

The theme night was done in part to promote the Fast Lane PPV.

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