Update On Brock Lesnar & Undertaker Bleeding At Hell In A Cell PPV


WWE Superstars The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar were not reprimanded for drawing blood during their match at WWE Hell In A Cell. As noted, it was said Vince McMahon was “flipping out,” however whether he was really upset or was just acting upset to throw off those around him is unknown.

Its being reported, there is absolute certainty that the drawn blood was no accident, Lesnar bled from the same spot where he hit his head into the ring post at WrestleMania. Lesnar removing his glove to punch The Undertaker with bare fists was also designed to get blood.

Batista was fined $100,000 for blading in a match with Chris Jericho back in 2008, so many consider it hard to believe that Lesnar was not reprimanded for shoving the doctor, if in fact that was a legitimate shoot.

Lesnar received nine staples and then flew home while The Undertaker also flew home on Monday morning after Hell in a Cell.