Update: Stephen Amell Injured Training For WWE SummerSlam


UPDATE: Stephen Amell posted a new video on Facebook revealing the status of his injury (he lost a “good chunk” of his tongue) and talking about his upcoming match at Summerslam. He said he won’t be wrestling after Summerslam and this is a “one-off”.

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Posted by Stephen Amell on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ORIGINAL: Stephen Amell revealed in a Facebook post that he hurt himself slightly while training for SummerSlam. Amell posted the following video, noting that he lifted a weight bar up and hit himself in the jaw. He said that he’s fine though.

“Facebook, hello,” Amell says. “Super fired up this morning… I was training, I was doing a snatch-pull-curl… I don’t know, with a bar. I snatched it so hard that it literally cracked me in the jaw. And both my molars, indented into my tongue. I’m okay. I’m just waiting for some ice at the moment. Ice it down, take the swelling of the tongue away. Hopefully get back to speaking in a more normal voice. I’m very excited to loop my lines on Arrow today, because I don’t think I necessarily sound like me. Nothing like ringing your bell first thing in the morning.”

Ouch my tongue.

Nothing like ringing your bell first thing in the morning.

Posted by Stephen Amell on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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