Update: WWE Management’s Reaction To Seth Rollins ‘Hacking’


As we previously reported, there is said to be no heat from WWE management with Seth Rollins for the recent nude photos that were leaked online. WWE believes that Rollins’ accounts were legitimately hacked. While there may be no heat on him, that doesn’t mean he won’t be punished.

Reddit user MetsFan4Ever says there has been talk of Rollins being fined a small amount of money. According to the Reddit user, there is a feeling that while it may have been a mistake on Rollins’ part, he initially leaked the first photo. If it wasn’t him, there is talk that his fiancée found his phone and posted the photos she found. Triple H is reportedly against fining Rollins at all, but Vince McMahon thinks someone needs to be held responsible and he can’t punish the women involved. That just leaves Rollins to take the brunt of the punishment.

There have been some in WWE who thought that Rollins would cash in Money in the Bank and be WWE champion by June. However, many now believe that this will not be happening any time soon. Again, this is if you believe the Reddit “insider.”

WWE was also upset that Elvis Duran’s morning radio show, which is syndicated nationally, spoke about the topic for around fifteen minutes. It’s one of the most listened-to programs in New York City. The story has also received other mainstream coverage, including on Gawker.

In addition to a memo sent to WWE talent about not talking about the issue publicly, WWE also had a “social media etiquette” meeting at last night’s SmackDown tapings in Dayton, Ohio and the company headquarters in Stamford. Talent were told to remove photos from their phones that could be considered risky.

Also, Leighla Schultz, Seth Rollins’ fiancé, has changed her Facebook status to “single”. Zahara Schreiber, the NXT Diva involved in the controversy, has set her Instagram profile to private. She is reportedly engaged to Chad Ruhlig, who is the lead singer of metalcore band, “For the Fallen Dreams.”

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