Updated List Of Guests For WrestleCon During WM31 Weekend


An updated list of talent for WrestleCon, an annual event that takes place during Wrestlemania weekend, has been revealed. The event happens during Wrestlemania 31 weekend at the San Jose Garden Hotel in San Jose, California. It will feature autograph and photo sessions, along with a live event on March 28. The sessions include one on March 27 and two sessions on March 28 (afternoon and evening). The evening session will be followed by the live event, which includes Matt and Jeff Hardy vs Sabu and Rob Van Dam.

Here’s a list of guests: Ric Flair, Jeff and Matt Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Scott Hall, Bret Hart, Tommy Dreamer, Ken Shamrock, Ricky Steamboat, Team 3D, Sabu, Velvet Sky, Drew Galloway/McIntyre, Jake Roberts, PJ Black/Justin Gabriel, Matt Striker, Katarina Waters/Katie Lea Burchill, Shelly Martinez, Maria Kanellis, Tessa Blanchard, Excalibur, Sean Morley/Val Venis, Christy Hemme, Chavo Guerrero, Disco Inferno, Lisa Moretti/Ivory, Abyss, Bobby Heenan, Jacqueline Moore, Barry Windham, Colt Cabana, Joey Ryan, Candice LaRae, Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard, Nora Greenwald/Molly Holly, Brian Myers/Curt Hawkins, Big Ryck/Ezekiel Jackson, The Headbangers, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Ivan Koloff, Tatanka, Maryse, John Hennigan/Morrison, Melina, Honkytonk Man, Lisa Marie Varon/Victoria, Hillbilly Jim, Matt Sydal, Barbi Blank/Kelly Kelly, Scott Steiner, Stacy “The Cat” Carter, Vader, Shane “Hurricane” Helms and Kevin Nash.

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