Updates On Justin Bieber/Hulk Hogan/WWE, Eden’s Video Blog


— Apparently the role that Hulk Hogan has in the WWE Studios’ Untitled Celebrity Death Pool movie is a small one. The role that Justin Bieber filmed as the voice of KITT from Knight Rider is said to be a “quick but bizarre” post-credits scene. Other than that, Bieber has no involvement with the film. The movie is scheduled to wrap filming this week and is being shot with intentions of being an “R” rated film.

— As noted earlier, WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts appeared at a Max North Pro Wrestling event in Canada this weekend and seemed to be in good spirits. He gave an inspirational speech from the ring and seemed to be doing alright, according to fans in attendance.

— Here is the latest video blog from Brandi “Eden” Rhodes:

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