VIDEO: Chyna Responds To Reports She Ambushed Triple H


Chyna posted the following video on Youtube, responding to allegations that she ambushed Triple H at Roddy Piper’s funeral. She says she did not crash the funeral and will not defend her relationship with Piper, who she has been friends with for over a decade. Chyna goes onto say that she had no idea that Triple H would be at the funeral, and that they met face to face. She claims she calmly embraced him with a hug and whispered that she was sorry for everything she said over the past year. Chyna did so because she says that she has been under emotional distress and needed to make peace with him. Finally, she adds that there was no altercation with security, and that it was, “a tender moment between two people who once cared about each other.” You can watch the video below…

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