Vince Russo Continues To Deny Lucha Underground Reports


The Wrestling Observer has an update regarding the recent rumors surrounding former WWE, WCW, and TNA booker Vince Russo attending the recent Lucha Underground TV tapings last weekend and his presence backstage.

Previously, there were rumors of Russo meetings with Lucha Underground to possibly join the writing team. According to the report, Lucha Underground officials held a meeting regarding Russo, but it was said that he would not be hired.

Some of the promotion veterans thought the opposite was true, and Russo was coming into as a booker to the company. Company officials then insisted that Russo was not getting a job.

Russo said he was only there for an appearance and to produce some content for his podcast. Some backstage at the event said it looked like Russo was trying to get back into the business. During the tapings, Russo was treated very well, but there was a feeling backstage that he did not know anything about the lucha libre wrestling style. While he was backstage, he apparently made a suggestion that the show could use more female wrestlers. His comment was reportedly not taken very well.

Vince Russo has denied reports from Meltzer, and posted the following on his website…

After I called Dave Meltzer out last week about his false story claiming that I was in talks with Lucha Underground to join their organization–and that’s why I was going out to LA–through an e-mail Meltzer sent me three scenarios that his “reliable source” told him would go down between me and Lucha.


So today, Meltzer printed this:

Russo apparently made a suggestion that the show needs more female wrestlers and that suggestion wasn’t taken very well.

Again—this is an absolute lie. Both on behalf of the Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer. I was at Lucha Underground to get content for this site. I suggested NOTHING to NOBODY. And, for the record, Lucha is a one hour show that currently has three women involved in major storylines, a new female who is currently being figured in, and of course, the stunning ring announcer Melissa Santos. I think it’s fair to say that there are women-a-plenty within the actual 44 minutes of the alloted television time..

How people pay, read and listen to this fictitious crap is absolutely beyond me. And, Dave—don’t e-mail me again. You’ve had enough chances. You have zero credibility when it comes to Vince Russo, and you have now proven that not once, but twice over a 6-day span. Period—end of story.

Are you that intrigued, fascinated and jealous of me that you just can’t keep my name out of your mouth? Print THE TRUTH, or don’t print anything at all.

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