Vince Russo Praises RAW & The WWE Creative Team


Vince Russo has posted a new blog entry, discussing the creative direction of Monday’s RAW. Here is an excerpt…

As I started watching the show, this one seemed to have a particular feel. Maybe because it was live from New York, and New York shows are always “special” to Vince. No offense to anyone, but the Big Apple was always the main stage for the WWE, going al the way back to Vince Sr.’s WWWF. When you’re in New York, you just tend to put it all out there—and, this clearly was the game plan for the WWE this Monday night. Now, I’m not by any means saying that I agreed with everything they did, truth is, there were many things I would have done differently, however, all that really mattered was that the WWE Creative Team CARED about this one, and it was evident with mostly every segment. Time, thought, and creativity were injected to the show to replace long, boring, meaningless wrestling matches that mean nothing—being stretched out to nausea to fill time.

This past Monday night, the WWE proved that they can be creative—WHEN THEY WANT TO BE. And, it’s not about Sting coming out of a cake, it’s about THINKING. Pushing yourself to be original rather than allowing yourself to fall into Wrestling 101 cookie-cutter booking mode . . . because it’s easier. Try new things, push the envelope, make whatever kind of effort you need to make to get the masses back on Monday night. The hard-core wrestling fans are always going to be there—NO MATTER WHAT. I have said that for years, and they have never let me down. If the word “wrestling” is used even once in the three hour time slot, and at some point a ring appears—they are watching–that’s what they do. When all day long grown men are flagging Sting’s day including what time he’s going to take his next dump—trust me—they are watching the show!!!

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