Vince Russo Responds To Spike TV Executive David Schwarz


On Monday, an interview recap was posted where Vince Russo claimed that, “SpikeTV is a horrible partner. Why TNA would ever want to partner with Spike is beyond me unless there were no other options.” Yesterday, David Schwarz, the Senior Vice President of Communications with Spike TV, responded to Russo, saying that no one knows Russo and that what Russo says is complete nonsense. Vince Russo posted the following response to Schwarz on his website…

I mean, what do you say to that? When it was first brought to my attention yesterday via twitter, I read it and just basically laughed out loud. This statement comes across as if it were written by the Senior VP of a television network in a Christopher Guest movie. It is really a parody of what any able minded REAL network would say. The truth is, about a year ago my son Will and I wrote a screen play that IS a parody of a wrestling company owned by a female in 2014, and it’s entitled Belle of the Ball. That script, that is now in the hands of a Hollywood producer, is going to be revised just in order to get a letter–similar to the one written by David Schwarz–within the pages.

Where do you start? Really? I guess the obvious–Schwarz states in his comments that as it pertains to me, “Nobody cares, or knows who he (Vince Russo) is.” yet, four sentences later he states, “What Vince Russo is saying is complete nonsense.” My question? It’s really a simple one: why, Mr. Schwarz, are either you, or the executives at Spike TV even concerned—for one second—with the opinions of someone who you don’t even know? Is that not odd and confusing to you? I can’t even fathom that a television network doesn’t have bigger issues on its plate as opposed to commenting on the opinions of a total stranger.

I can go on all day here, but I really don’t have to. David Schwarz does a fine job of his own painting a picture of WHO Spike TV is, WHAT Spike TV represents and the exact reasons why I laid out through my “opinions” WHY I believe that Spike is inept and a horrible partner for TNA Wrestling. Do you think, in even your wildest Vince Russo imagination, that Bonnie Hammer, the former top brass at the USA Network who I worked with on occasion for the five years that I was employed by the WWE, would have wasted one second of her time constructing a ridiculous statement such as this? Regarding someone who she “didn’t even know?” Of course she wouldn’t. But, that’s why USA Network is USA Network, and Spike TV is . . . well . . . .Spike TV.

Mr. Schwarz, Dave . . . can I call you Dave? Dave, would Spike’s resources—time, money, energy and effort, not have been much better served in promoting tonight’s episode of IMPACT? I’m just asking? Because, that was my whole point to begin with? Why would anybody spend even ONE SECOND, addressing me, and my opinions as somebody who isn’t even employed by TNA, rather than take that same time and focus it on the programing on their own network? Who am I? You don’t even know me . . . remember?

But, whatever the case, Dave, I do humbly thank you for clearing my name in regards to the opinions of certain internet reporters who were hootin’ and hollerin’ a month ago about Vince Russo being the reason that Spike TV wasn’t going to renew their deal with TNA. By stating that Spike “doesn’t know me”, that clearly frees me of all charges. I thank you for that. In all due respect, I look forward to your response. The only thing that I ask is that when you and the head honchos at Spike TV are holding your next board meeting in trying to decide how to address the opinions of somebody that you don’t even know–could somebody—ANYBODY—be looking after how you’re going to promote IMPACT WRESTLING tonight on your channel? Because . . . they are on your channel you know.

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