WWE Clarifies The SummerSlam Divas Tag Match Rules


After some WWE fans expressed confusion as to how the rules for the Divas Three-Team Elimination Tag match will work at SummerSlam, WWE has clarified the rules. Some thought it would be a person-by-person, Survivor Series-style elimination but that isn’t the case; you can see their description below:

Now, with the eyes of the WWE Universe firmly on them, these three stables will compete at SummerSlam to see who can lay claim to the distinction of deities of the Divas Revolution. The action will be non-stop and unpredictable when only one team member needs to be pinned or made to submit to eliminate their entire team from the match. Can Team Bella prove themselves as the torchbearers of the division by prevailing under the bright Brooklyn lights? Or can either PCB or Team B.A.D. leave the Bella Empire in ruins by picking up a monumental victory?

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