WWE.com Hints At Potential WrestleMania 31 Storylines


WWE.com has released its new Five-Point Preview for tomorrow night’s edition of RAW. The column goes over Bray Wyatt’s recent promo suggesting a possible match with The Undertaker for WrestleMania 31. The column also mentions the match Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 31 that they have been campaigning for on social media:

Here is the preview for the Bray Wyatt segment:

“Following a dominant performance in the 2015 Royal Rumble Match, lasting more than 45 minutes and eliminating six Superstars, Bray Wyatt delivered a bizarre message on Thursday’s SmackDown that was even more cryptic than his usual proclamations. Asking “what makes you smile?” Wyatt claimed that he fears “nothing, living or dead.” He then promised that after what happens next, “it will be hard for you to ever smile again.” To whom was Wyatt speaking, and to what was he referring?”

And for Daniel Bryan:

“But where will Bryan’s journey take him? Based on his interview on last week’s Raw, the leader of the “Yes!” Movement still has his sights set on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but his unceremonious ousting during the Royal Rumble Match by longtime nemesis Bray Wyatt has seemingly denied him his return to the WrestleMania main event. Will Bryan seek retribution against Wyatt for dashing his dreams for WrestleMania? Will Bryan’s social media exchange with Dolph Ziggler about a friendly match at WrestleMania 31 lead to a Show of Shows dream match for the two fan-favorite Superstars? Perhaps we’ll learn more about The “Yes!” Man’s next move on Raw.”

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