WWE Drops New YouTube Show Already?, Cesaro’s Alignment?


— Movie directors The Soska Twins have both been hyping an announcement regarding the WWE Studios’ film – See No Evil 2. As you know by now, the movie features Kane in the lead role. It looks like they’ll be revealing the official trailer for the film at the San Diego Comic-Con next week.

— Last week, WWE debuted a new YouTube.com show titled “WWE Insider”. The show was hosted by WWE Diva Alicia Fox and was originally planned to be released every Monday. A new episode of the show was not posted yesterday for unknown reasons.

— WWE.com has a new poll up today asking their fans who Cesaro should align himself with – The Authority, Paul Heyman or no one. As of now, “no on” leads the poll by a very large margin. The Authority comes in at number two.

— Hulk Hogan is currently in Mexico as he’s doing some promotional work for WWE’s upcoming tour of the country. As previously reported, tickets for the Mexican tour go on sale this week. Hogan is not advertised for the tour as of now.

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