WWE Financials: Did The Network Off Set PPV Losses?


– The WWE released their 2014 Q2 earnings reports today, and as previously reported the company announced 700,000 WWE Network subscribers. Revenues from the Company’s Media division increased 7% to $97.7 million, which was due to the WWE Network and increased television licensing fees. The WWE Network, PPV and video on demand generated revenue of $43.3 million.

By itself, the WWE Network generated $19.4 million in subscription revenue based on an average of 665,000 paid subscribers over the quarter at a price of $9.99 per month. Network subscription revenue of $19.4 million was partially offset by a $13.2 million decline in PPV. PPV revenue overall declined by 36% to $23.8 million. Here is how the PPVs performed in Q2 2014…

WrestleMania 30: 690,000 (down 349,000 from 2013)
Extreme Rules: 108,000 (down 123,000 from 2013)
WWE Payback: 67,000 (down 119,000 from 2012)
Money in the Bank: 122,000 (MITB did not take place in Q2 of 2013)

Overall Buys For Q2 2014: 1,059,000 (down 492,000 from 2013)

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