WWE Issues Statement On The Donald Trump/HOF Petition


WWE has issued a response in regard to the petition to have Donald Trump removed from the WWE Hall of Fame. As noted on Friday, a petition was started by wrestling fan Grace Lin to have Trump removed due to his comments during the presidential campaign toward Mexicans and Muslims.

The petition said, “WWE not only employs Muslim and Middle Eastern talent, but has also recently launched the Network in the Middle East. The WWE must realize how many of its fans are Muslim. What message does it send to them to honor Donald Trump on the WWE’s Hall of Fame? And Mexico is one of WWE’s biggest international markets – the WWE has a history of working with Mexican professional wrestling promotions as well as recruiting some of Mexico’s top wrestlers. Many of WWE’s most beloved superstars represent their Mexican heritage in the ring. When it comes to diversity, Donald Trump does not stand with WWE.”

Chris Villani of the Boston Herald posted to Twitter, saying that WWE told the Herald, the company is “not in the business of politics and has no plans to respond to any of the political rhetoric.”

As of this writing, the petition is ongoing and has 8,731 signees.

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