WWE Q4 Financials: Consumer Products Rises 23 Percent


The WWE released their Q4 financial report today, and in that report broke down the performance of the company’s Consumer Products. Consumer Products (WWEShop, Licensing Revenues and Venue Merchandise) increased 23% to $20.4 million, up from $16.6 million in the prior year’s quarter. Here is how that broke down…

* Licensing revenues: increased 26% to $9.1 million due to increased video game revenues that derived from higher royalty rates in the current year quarter. Additionally, the increase in licensing revenue benefited from higher sales of downloadable content associated with our franchise video game, WWE 2K14, and a WWE-branded casual game, WWE Supercard.

* Venue Merchandise revenues: increased 6% to $3.6 million from $3.4 million in the prior year quarter reflecting a comparable increase in total attendance with four additional events in the quarter.

* WWEShop revenues: increased 28% to $7.7 million from $6.0 million in the prior year quarter as a 39% increase in the number of orders to 172,000 was partially offset by an 8% decrease in revenue per order to $44.98. The significant increase in orders was driven by increased marketing, improved product assortment, and a record breaking holiday sales period.

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