WWE Q4 Financials: PPV Down 62 Percent


The WWE released their Q4 financial report today, and in that report broke down the PPV numbers for the quarter. Here is the breakdown…

* October – Battleground: Did 114,000 buys in 2013. They did not run the PPV in October in 2014, it was moved to to July.
* October – Hell in a Cell: Did 83,000 buys in 2014, down from the 228,000 in 2013.
* November – Survivor Series: Did 100,000 buys in 2014, down from the 177,000 in 2013.
* December – TLC: Did 39,000 buys, down from the 181,000 in 2014

* Overall WWE ran one less PPV event in the quarter, and with buys from previous events that took place in Q4 added in, the company did 271,000 PPV buys. This is down 62%, but also keep in mind that the PPVs were available on the Network in the quarter for the first time. Also, Survivor Series doing 100,000 buys when it fell in a month where the Network was free was obviously a positive.

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