WWE Q4 Financials: Update On Growth Of The WWE Network


The WWE released their Q4 financial report today, and in that report announced that the WWE Network revenues increased 64% from the prior year quarter and 33% from the prior year reaching a ten-year peak with the launch of WWE Network. During this time, WWE went to the no commitment, $9.99 plan and also rolled out the new “resume play” and “watch list” features across all WWE Network platforms. After making WWE Network available in international markets in August, the network continued to grow its global subscriber base. Here are the bullet points on the Network growth from the report…

* WWE Network added 85,000 subscribers during the quarter, representing a 12% increase from September 30, and reached 816,000 subscribers at year-end. The subscriber growth reflected the acquisition of 336,000 subscribers, which was 17% above the gross subscriber additions in the preceding quarter.

* Fourth quarter subscriber performance demonstrated the efficacy of the Company’s free trial offering in November and underscored the impact sampling could have on subscriber growth. The November promotion attracted approximately 242,000 trial subscribers.

* The U.S. version of WWE Network was made available in more than 170 countries and territories beginning August 12, 2014. At year-end, WWE Network had approximately 44,000 international subscribers.

* WWE Network’s compelling live and new original content continued to drive viewer engagement. During the quarter, WWE’s NXT Live program, which features the Company’s emerging talent, attracted increased viewership and social media activity as well as fueled e-commerce merchandise sales. Also exemplifying the power of live content, a network special with Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin® was among the most watched original programs on the network, generated social media activity that was among the top 10 worldwide trending topics on Twitter during the program.

* As the WWE Network subscriber base has grown, the network continues to cultivate a high level of satisfaction and subscriber engagement. Viewer data indicates that, on average over 2014, close to 90% of subscribers accessed WWE Network at least once per week and 90% of subscribers are satisfied with WWE Network.

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