WWE Q4 Results: WWE Year vs. Year Growth: Media, Live Events & More


As noted, WWE released their Q4 financials today. This also includes an overall comparison from 2014 to 2015. Here are some of the key areas they focused on. There is a lot of growth, but once again WWE Studios did not fare well…

* Revenues from the Company’s Media (WWE Network, TV revenue, Home entertainments, other digital media) division increased 25% to $425.4 million from $339.9 million primarily due to the contractual escalation of television rights fees and the growth of WWE Network.

* Live Event revenues increased 13% to $124.7 million from $110.7 million in the prior year primarily due to a 9% increase in average ticket prices at the Company’s events in North America, including WrestleMania. The growth in revenue also reflected increased ticket sales in the current year from the staging of 11 additional WWE Live events and from an expanded touring schedule for the Company’s emerging NXT brand.

* Revenues from Consumer Products (licensing, WWE Shop, venue merchandise) increased 26% to $98.4 million from $78.1 million in the prior year, with growth driven by increased video game revenues and higher sales of branded merchandise through the Company’s e-commerce website, WWEShop and on distribution channels including Amazon. The rise in video game revenue reflected increased sales of the Company’s franchise video game in domestic and international markets and higher sales of downloadable content associated with the WWE branded game, WWE SuperCard.

* WWE Studios recognized revenue of $7.1 million as compared to $10.9 million in the prior year. The decrease in revenues was primarily due to the performance and timing of results from the Company’s portfolio of movies as the prior year reflected the strong performance of The Call (released theatrically in March 2013). During 2015, the Company released six feature films compared to seven feature films in 2014.

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