WWE Tough Enough Finalists React To The Finale, Futures & More


SportingNews spoke with the Tough Enough finalists after the season finale. Check out some highlights:

Amanda on Sara Lee’s popularity: “I knew going in that Sara had the fan vote. She had been in the bottom three several times, she was saved by her fans several times. I knew that but the past several weeks, I definitely thought that I came out of my shell. I thought that the WWE Universe would come around and vote for the real diva that I am and vote for the better athlete. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in my favor.”

Sara Lee on surviving the bottom three five times: “The first time, I hadn’t been showcased too much. But then I got more air time and thought oh, people are seeing that I am a real person and I have the passion for this business. The next time I got put in the bottom three I think my votes increased. I knew I was not going to give up because my fans keep pulling for me and keep me driven.”

Amanda on Tough Enough being a reality show: “A lot of people sometimes forget that this is a reality show and I think that as much as I was playing a character, I didn’t go into the show thinking I was going to play this character. We all want fans to vote for us so coming in I was thinking I want everyone to like me. I ended up feeling confident and thought I kind of like this. I wouldn’t go back and change anything but obviously, at the end of the day, you’re having the fans vote for you and people sometimes forget this is still a reality show. You can’t take everything to heart.”

ZZ on people calling him lazy: “As far as people telling me I’m lazy, I’m not lazy. I’m laid back. I come from a lifestyle that’s completely different from the rest of the world. A lot of people see that as lazy. It’s amazing to me because look at what I did in the ring. If I was lazy and couldn’t do anything, do you think I could have pulled off a match that incredible with Cesaro?

Josh on his future in WWE: “If there’s going to be hard feelings from anyone, I definitely understand that but at the same time, we went through a crash course that was very demanding and hard on us. I think our payout was very deserving. We’re on a big pedestal now so it’s either make it or bust. If we play our cards right, the sky’s the limit.”

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