WWE’s ‘Black History Month’ Segments Removed, JR/WM31, Hart


— VIP tickets for Jim Ross’ “RINGSIDE” one-man show in San Jose, California on March 28th are also sold out.

— The “Black History Month” and “12 Days of Attitude” segments have been removed from the WWE Network.

— We’ve obtained an exclusive photo of Roman Reigns and The Uso’s from when they were on the same HIGH-SCHOOL football team! What did Reigns & The Uso brothers look like when they were in high-school?!?! If you’re interested, you can click here to find out!

— As of now, Brock Lesnar is still advertised for tomorrow night’s RAW. This will be Lesnar’s first appearance since he left Raw early and wasn’t used following a dispute with Vince McMahon a couple of weeks ago.

— Here is Jimmy Hart making an appearance on the webseries Loud Satisfaction:

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