Yoshi Tatsu Having Difficulties After Broken Neck – Details


Former WWE Superstar Yoshi Tatsu posted the following comments on Twitter, detailing that he is having difficulty recovering from a broken neck. Tatsu suffered a broken neck when he landed badly taking a Styles Clash during his match with AJ Styles at the NJPW Power Struggle iPPV event…

Yabe, suddenly skull, at the same time bloodshed as woke up to remember the severe pain in the left front of the hole, was the skull is squeak. Zette was Zure! Odd crying pulled feeling. Sugeite! This is probably pretty valuable experience! Now, I was pressed nurse call. it is possible When you live.

I can not walk, can not sit, it is not accustomed to the side, it hurts odd, not sleepy,

Here because not a emergency hospital, always’m not there are teacher. The bloodshed from the right front. I want to call ambulance seriously.

Nurse! What “be! Has collected blood to the brain”, and me measured blood pressure, probably no meaning When seemed do not have teacher (laughs). Do better that the only Well I be opponent! ?

To tell the truth I have worn halo vest since 10 weeks. And I have 4 holes on my skull. I was bleeding from 2 of them last night. So…

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