WWE RAW Results (11/23) –


WWE RAW Results (11/23) –
Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, November 23r d (USA Network)
Location: The Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, SC
Results by Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Still photos showcase Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose battling in the main event of Survivor Series. Reigns pinned Ambrose with a spear and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H came out to congratulate him, but Reigns speared him down. Sheamus then ran in and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Sheamus connected with a Brogue Kick, but Reigns kicked out. Reigns fought back, but Sheamus floored him with a second Brogue Kick to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The Authority’s music hits. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring looking rather chipper. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW. Stephanie says life is often defined by opportunity. There are those who seize it, those who miss it, and those that let it pass through their hands like Roman Reigns. Triple H says he offered Reigns an opportunity two weeks ago that virtually ensured that he would walk out of Survivor Series as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. All he had to do was shake his hands and show some faith in the company that has faith in him. Reigns told him to shove his opportunity. Stephanie says some people are lucky if opportunity knocks once, but it knocked twice for Reigns, and he turned it down twice. Triple H says he’s not a petty man. He wasn’t upset at being turned down two weeks ago. Last night, when Reigns became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he was the first one to stand there to congratulate him. Triple H offered his hand for opportunity, but Reigns gave him a cheap shot. Reigns’ pride made him cheap shot him, and that’s why he’s no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd boos that. Triple H says this is a life lesson for everyone. Their lives are defined by opportunities: the ones you seize and miss. Triple H wants to introduce them to a man that knows how to seize opportunity: the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring as the crowd lightly boos him. Sheamus says it doesn’t get any better than this. Sheamus thanks Triple H and Stephanie for the great introduction. A “You look stupid” chant fires up. Sheamus says there is nothing they can say that can ruin his moment. Last night, Reigns made it to the top of the mountain, only he couldn’t stay there because he Brogue Kicked him off. Historians know the Roman Empire lasted 500 years, but this Roman Empire lasted 5 minutes. Sheamus says the look on Reigns’ face was pathetic when he took the title from him. When Brutus stabbed Caesar, at least he rolled over and died like a man. Last night, he proved that he was one Brogue Kick away from being champion. Sheamus has one question for the entire WWE Universe: “Who looks stupid now?” Triple H says he doesn’t look stupid. What he looks like is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus hugs Triple H and Stephanie in the ring.

Roman Reigns’ music hits, and he makes his way to the ring through the crowd smiling. Sheamus says speaking of stupid, it’s the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus asks how pride is working out for him. Reigns gets in the ring and goes face-to-face with him. Reigns congratulates him and says he wants his rematch tonight. Stephanie steps between them as a “YES” chant breaks out. Stephanie asks Reigns how it feels to want because his opportunity to make demands of them was lost last night when he speared her husband. Stephanie gets in his face and tells him to get the hell out of her ring. Reigns asks if Triple H is standing behind Stephanie because he’s afraid of him. Triple H steps in front and stares at Reigns. The crowd is buzzing. Triple H sneers at him and lifts the microphone, but Reigns steps in closer to him. Triple H says he speared him last night, but he has nothing to show for it. That’s why he’s no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. As far as his rematch is concerned, he’ll get it when he says he gets it. It sure as hell won’t be tonight. The crowd loudly boos this. The Authority turns to leave when Rusev sneaks into the ring and connects with a big thrust kick. Sheamus waits for Reigns to get up before taking him out with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus and Rusev shake hands in the ring before leaving.

Triple H says, “That pride’s a bitch isn’t it, Roman?” Triple H then announces that he’ll get his rematch in three weeks in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. As for tonight, the closest he’ll get to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is when Sheamus wears it while standing in the corner of Reigns’ opponent tonight, Rusev.

Replays are shown of what just happened before the commentators talk about it. We then see still photos of The Undertaker’s 25th anniversary match at Survivor Series. Undertaker and Kane defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. They Chokeslammed Braun Strowman through a table before giving Wyatt and Harper stereo Chokeslams.

The Dudley Boyz will take on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, next.

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A pre-taped promo with The Wyatt Family is shown. Bray Wyatt says The Dudley Boyz will pay for The Brothers of Destruction’s sins.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

The bell rings, and Luke Harper quickly attacks Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba fights back, but Harper soon takes him down. They trade blows before Harper takes him down and rakes the face. Harper knocks D-Von Dudley down before Bubba connects with two clotheslines. Bubba splashes him before connecting with a big boot. D-Von is tagged in, and they hit a double-team flapjack. They then catch Harper with 3D II and set up for 3D, but Wyatt pulls Harper out of the ring.

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We come back from the break to see Bray Wyatt beating down D-Von. Wyatt gets him in the corner and connects with an avalanche. Harper is tagged in, and he stomps D-Von. Harper connects with an uppercut, but D-Von punches back at him. Harper quickly floors him with a right hand before tagging Wyatt back in. Wyatt connects with a snapmare before applying a nerve hold. D-Von eventually fights up, but Wyatt chops him and connects with a suplex. Wyatt goes for a senton splash, but D-Von moves. Bubba and Harper are tagged in. Bubba punches him before sending him into the ropes for a back body drop. Bubba connects with a pair of clotheslines before jabbing him and going for a Bionic Elbow, but Harper tries to fight it. Bubba connects with a big side suplex before knocking Wyatt off the apron. Bubba then turns into a Discus Clothesline. Harper picks up the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper
Match Rating: *

Erick Rowan comes in the ring and gives D-Von a full nelson slam. Braun Strowman comes in the ring and scoops Bubba up with a head and arm choke. Bubba collapses to the mat as Wyatt arcs his back and looks at D-Von. Wyatt then takes D-Von down with Sister Abigail. Wyatt kneels next to the Dudley Boyz and shouts, “Follow the buzzards!”

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A video package highlights the phenomenal 25-year career of The Undertaker.

Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring with Team B.A.D. She’ll face Becky Lynch, next.

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Sasha Banks w/ Naomi and Tamina vs. Becky Lynch

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. They lock up, and Becky takes her down. Sasha just stares at her. They lock up again, and Sasha powers her down. Sasha punches away at her before attacking the lower back. Becky punches back at her before Sasha takes her out with a double knee to the midsection for a two count. Sasha argues the count with the referee. Sasha chokes her on the rope before kneeing her in the face and taunting the crowd. Sasha stomps her down in the corner before choking her on the ropes again. Sasha distracts the referee as Tamina slaps Becky. Sasha picks up a near fall. Sasha knees her in the back a few times before applying a surfboard stretch. Becky fights out and kicks her in the face before rolling her up for a one count. Becky drops her into the ropes before giving her some uppercuts. Becky connects with a pair of clotheslines followed by a jumping calf kick. Becky catches her with an arm and leg suplex, but Sasha soon takes her down with a boot. Becky catches her with the Dis-Arm-Her, but Naomi pulls Sasha under the rope as Tamina distracts the referee. Becky yells at Naomi before Sasha rolls her up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Sasha Banks
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Michael Cole talks about how Sasha Banks could be the next #1 Contender. Paige interrupts and says Charlotte is a cheater. Cole says she tapped out last night. Paige says Charlotte cheated last night. How could they not see it? Paige says she’ll show the footage. Footage is shown of Charlotte half under the bottom rope when she got Paige to tap out. She’s just like her father – a dirty player. Paige says she’ll show that Charlotte is nothing but an embarrassment, just like her daddy.

The New Day’s First Anniversary Country Music Jamboree and WWE Tag Team Championship Open Challenge is next!

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The New Day’s Country Music Jamboree

The New Day makes their way to the ring riding horse sticks and jumping around. Kofi Kingston’s hair is done up like a unicorn horn. Kingston yips into the microphone. They scream “Yee haw” before Kingston says this is the official one-year anniversary of The New Day. Xavier Woods says they’re turning one. Big E says, “Yippie kay ay mother…” but the others cut him off. Kingston says they’re being forced to spend their one year anniversary in the capital of… he can’t say it. Big E tries, but he almost throws up. Woods says they’re being forced to spend their anniversary in the capital of country music. Kingston says that’s awful. The New Day is all about the power of positivity, but when it comes to country music, it sucks. Kingston says all they ever talk about is how they lost their girlfriends (Woods plays the trombone to that) or their pickup truck broke down. Big E screams about how he’s sick of hearing about tractors. If there’s one thing they’ve learned about them this past year is that the power of positivity is their friend. Woods says that’s why they’ll show them what country music should sound like. Woods then sings, “Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be booty.”

Big E screams that’s enough country music. Kingston says this is him saying this in real life and not his character – country music sucks. Woods says they’ve been inspired by The Authority’s message of the Power of Opportunity, so they’ll create an open challenge for their WWE World Tag Team Championships. That is because New Day rocks. They start a chant and ride their horses around.

The Lucha Dragons’ music hits, and they come out to the stage. Kalisto says he doesn’t think New Day rocks. It’s more like “New Day runs.” Kalisto tries to start the chant, but it fails miserably. Kalisto says if they’re serious about putting the titles on the line, they’re serious about the challenge. Sin Cara wishes them a happy anniversary. The Lucha Dragons get in the ring, so The New Day tries to back out. The Usos’ music hits, and they come out to the ring. Woods says they don’t deserve an opportunity at the titles. Kingston says open challenge is just a figure of speech. Jey Uso says Nashville is ready for a title match. Sin Cara says they were out here first, but the more the better. Cara says they should make this a triple threat.

Big E says they have ruined their jamboree. Woods says this was supposed to be a celebration. Tonight was about them, and they have made it about them. Kingston points at them and screams, “Shame!” Woods says nobody gets an opportunity at their titles because the open challenge has been officially cancelled. The Usos and Lucha Dragons attack The New Day and get them out of the ring. The Usos finish it off by giving Woods a double-team superkick.

Roman Reigns will face Rusev later tonight with Sheamus in his corner. Coming up later tonight, we’ll see Charlotte defend the WWE Divas Championship against Paige. We’ll hear from Charlotte, next.

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Renee Young is backstage with the Divas Champion, Charlotte. Renee asks about Paige labeling her as a cheater. Charlotte says that doesn’t surprise her. She always has and always will respect Paige as a competitor. Paige can moan, cry, and politic all she wants, but she’ll be facing her tonight. WOO!

Mark Henry vs. Neville

They circle the ring and Neville kicks him. Henry goes for a clothesline, but Neville ducks and kicks him in the leg again. Henry tries to corner him and catches him trying to get around him. Henry viciously head-butts him down before picking him up. Neville punches back at him, but Henry shoves him to the corner. Henry throws him across the ring, and Neville rolls out of the ring to recover. Henry looks upset at what he’s doing like he doesn’t want to do this. Henry catches Neville coming off the top rope, but Neville gets out of the World’s Strongest Slam. Neville catches him with a kick to the temple, and Henry collapses to the mat. The Miz is seen watching backstage. Neville connects with the Red Arrow for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Neville
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Neville high fives a kid at ringside and goes to leave, but Henry is standing in his way. Neville prepares to fight, but Henry extends his hand instead. They shake hands. Henry says, “You’re gonna be good, boy.” Henry then walks off as Neville’s music plays.

Stardust is going on and on about something backstage when Titus O’Neil walks in. O’Neil says he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. O’Neil points out all the constellations before scaring him with some barks.

Goldust and The Prime Time Players will take on Stardust and The Ascension, next.

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Stardust & The Ascension vs. Goldust & The Prime Time Players

Adam Martin here filling in for Mike the rest of the night.

We join the match in progress as Darren Young gets in a big right on Stardust. The Asecension with a big double team spot on Young with Konnor getting the tag. Konnor with a headlock to keep Young grounded. Stardust with the tag as he works over Young with rights in the corner. Stardust stomps over the left hand of Young. Young with elbows to Stardust to fight back and then catches Stardust with boots in the corner. Hot tag to Titus and a tag to Konnor. Titus with shoulder tackles and knocks Viktor off the ring apron. Titus with a big boot to Konnor. Goldust clotheslines Stardust over the top rope. Young drops Viktor over the ring apron. Clash of the Titus on Konnor for the pinfall.

Winners: Goldust & The Prime Time Players

Up next, a “State of MexAmerica Address” with Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter.

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WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter head to the ringside area. Colter grabs the mic and said just because Del Rio last night doesn’t mean it was a set back for the MexAmerica movement. Colter talks about the concept of MexAmerica and how it wasn’t very well received in recent weeks. “You did what Americans do best: you took to social media. You moaned and complained and you became a much of haters,” added Colter. Del Rio talks in Spanish next. Colter translates saying the tried to teach tolerance and no one is listening now. “To hell with all of you…people. From now on the borders of MexAmerica are closed forever,” said Del Rio. Colter said this is no longer the home of the brave.

Jack Swagger’s music hits to cut them off. Swagger has a mic in hand shaking his head. He said he can’t believe what he’s hearing. Swagger said Colter used to stand for something. “I looked up to that. These people looked up to that,” added Swagger. He said now Colter turned his back on this country and calls him an old, out of touch, hypocrite. Del Rio cuts off Swagger calling him a “stupid American.” Swagger said he promised to protect this country and tells Del Rio to do something about it if he doesn’t like what he’s saying.

Swagger drops the mic and heads to the ring standing face to face with Del Rio. Del Rio holds the WWE United States Championship in Swagger’s face and leaves the ring. The crowd in Nashville starts to boo as Del Rio holds up the title at ringside. Colter and Del Rio leave the ringside area and start heading up the entrance ramp.

Swagger leads a loud “WE THE PEOPLE” to close the segment with the audience.

Up next, Charlotte defends the WWE Divas Championship against Paige in a rematch.

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WWE Divas Championship Match
Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

Lilian Garcia introduces the challenger Paige and champion Charlotte.